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    Over the years, S&K Roofing, Siding and Windows has answered many questions and addressed many home improvement concerns, most of which were similar from homeowner to homeowner. We have captured our answers to these questions and provided helpful home improvement information in the form of buyers guides. These guides will help you learn about products, plan and budget for various exterior home improvements. Click on the guide icons below to learn more and to request your free guide.

    No Worry Gutters - How They Compare

    No Worry Gutters

    In order to answer one of the frequently asked questions posed by our clients, "How does No Worry Gutters compare to other products on the market?" we've compared No Worry Gutters with those of our competitors. Take a look at some of the options on the market today, and see for yourself how our No Worry Gutters compare. To receive your free guide please click here.

    Roofing Buyers Guide

    Roofing Buyer's Guide

    The Roofing Buyer's Guide is designed to help consumers avoid costly mistakes when replacing or repairing a roof. Many consumers - even those that have done their homework - can be fooled or mislead by less-than-reputable contractors. To receive your free Roofing Buyer's Guide click here.

    Window Buying Guide

    Window Buyers Guide


    The Window Buyers Guide is a handy reference guide for homeowners shopping for replacement windows. The Window Buyers Guide provides inside information that will save you money and help you avoid the pitfalls of buying replacement windows. To receive your free Window Buyers Guide click here.

    Gutter Buyers Guide

    Gutter Buyers Guide

    The Gutter Buyers Guide is a helpful guide for homeowners shopping for replacement gutters. The guide provides information on the different types of gutters available to help you decide what will work best on your home. To receive your free Gutter Buyers Guide click here.

    Winterize Your Maryland Home

    Home Winterization

    The home improvement experts at S&K highlight some important areas to help homeowners prepare their homes for winter. To receive your free Home Winterization Checklist please click here.




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